gospodarstwo szkółkarskie szkółka - nowakowscy
strona główna andrzej i szymon nowakowscy gospodarstwo szkółkarskie
nasza oferta

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Place where it was bred: Poland
Origin: Red mutant of the cultivar Idared
Height: Medium/low vigour; crown spherical, dense, with limbs slightly hanging down and numerous spurs
Pollinators: Elstar, Golden, Ligol, Pinova, Szampion, Reno2, Evereste, Golden Hornet, Prof. Sprenger
Pollinated cultivars: Elise, Gala, Gloster, Golden, Jonagold, Red Jonaprince, Piros, Pinova, Szampion Reno2
Fruit: Size medium or large, spherical, slightly flattened at the calyx and the stalk; skin very shiny, green-yellow, covered by a blurred, intense raspberry-red blush, which appears very early (beginning of September), tastier than Idared
Harvest maturity: First half of October
Storage: Cold store: 6 - 7 months; CA storage: 6 - 8 months
Resistance to frost: Low
Susceptibility to diseases: Scab - medium; powdery mildew - high; fire blight - high